Q1.How do I use Beneticon?

Using Beneticon is simple.


1. Simply add items that you want to send as gifts to the cart. 

2. When you are ready to check out, go to your cart page. 

3. Click the checkbox for 'Send gift by email with Beneticon' 





4. Fill out the boxes for gift recipient's name, email, and custom message. Select D-day you want the email to be sent to the gift recipient. The custom message will be shown in the email (see screenshot in Q3.). Proceed to the checkout.






5. When you checkout, the shop will ask for a shipping address. We pre-filled this for you, so you can just proceed with payment. We will replace the shipping information for you when your gift recipient gives us the shipping address.

6. Once you get the screen that your order is confirmed, you are all done! Beneticon will take care of sending the gift to the recipient. 

Q2.What if a gift recipient doesn’t respond in the end? Will I (merchant) still get charged for the pending order?

We send a reminder email once in every 3 days starting the date you set until the recipient confirms their shipping address. We will also send email to you to let you know if gift recipient has not entered the address yet. 


Q3. What is the email message and form sent to a gift recipient?
The below is a basic email template that we are currently using to get a shipping address. Gift recipient will see your name and custom message. When they accept the gift, they are prompted to enter their shoping information. 
















Q4. Can I get a refund? 

If you made a mistaken purchase or not happy with the product, please follow the refund policy of the shop that you purchased the gift.

Beneticon checkbox step explanation.png