The Most Common Questions (For Shop Owners)

Q.What if a gift recipient doesn’t respond in the end? Will I (merchant) still get charged for the pending order?


No. We charge you only for orders that the gift recipient correctly submit their shipping address. Our system keeps sending an email once in 3 days for pending orders after a target day. Your customers may cancel the order, then we will stop sending emails.


Q. What is the email message and form sent to a gift receiver? Can I customize it?
The below is a basic email template that we are currently using to get a shipping address. For now, we don’t support any customizing options for merchants. More options are in developing very soon.



















Setup & Installing


Q: How do I enable/disable Send Gift By Email?

If you have installed the app, please go to Settings’ tab in Admin > App > Select Send Gift By Email, and click the toggle button - enable/disable in App Status menu.


Q: How can I change the default shipping address presented in Checkout page for shoppers?

We don’t support changing the default shipping address option yet. We intentionally insert the default shipping address message (‘Please skip the Shipping address section and continue. We will get the recipient’s address.’) into the shipping address box in order to avoid cases that your  shoppers provide a wrong or their shipping address in confusion. We are preparing the option that merchants can provide their own default shipping address pretty soon.



Cart Page Checkbox Add-on

Q: How do I hide the Send Gift By checkbox on the cart page when the app is active?

If the app is enabled, the checkbox is automatically added to your website cart page in order to help your customers send a gift without a shipping address. For now, we don’t provide a way to disable specific products or variants yet. If you don’t want to show the checkbox to your customers, you can turn off the entire app via Settings tab in Admin > App > Select Send Gift By Email.


Q. Can I apply my theme to the check box on the cart page?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t support any custom theme to be applied to the check box in the cart page. The check box will remain as it is. The feature is under development for the next update.



Dashboard Management


Q. What is the Today’s Gift Sales section presenting?

Today’s Gift Sales presents the sales amount of all orders that has been received through Beneticon that day, within the following order status: new order, in-process, address-received.


Q. What is the Today’s New Gift Orders section presenting?

Today’s New Gift Orders presents the count of all orders that has been received through Beneticon that day, within the following order status: new order, in-process, address-received.


Q. What is the Total Order in Ready Status section presenting?

Total Order in Ready Status presents all the orders through the Beneticon that got the address from the gift receiver.


Q. What is the Gift Orders section presenting?

Gift Orders presents the count of all orders that’s been received through Beneticon in the past 30 days from the current date.


Q. What is the Graph section presenting?

Graph presents the count of the gift order in each day up to past 30 days from the current day.


Q. What is the Sales Amount section presenting?

Sales Amount presents the sales amount of all orders occured in 30 days from the current day.


Q. How to use and read the Graph?

Hover the mouse point to any graph data point you want to see. Then the small information box will pop-up on the screen near the data point. It will display the date, and its count of the gift order.


Q. What if the number displayed on the Dashboard is incorrect?

In any case where incorrect data is displayed, please refresh the page once first. If the problem remains, please contact us through email.


Q. How to view updated sales data?

You can view updated sales data by refreshing the page. Shipping Address Email


Q. How do shoppers or I know if the email is sent to their gift recipients?

Send Email By Gift keeps updating your gift order status on the Gift Order page. Usually, the delay between the order and the update won’t take more than a few seconds. To check order status, you can go to the App admin page (Admin page > select App tab > select Send Gift By Email app). An order status has sent (email sent to recipient), received (shipping address received), pending (the system hasn’t sent an email) in Shipping Address column. You can notify your customers with it, or Shopify will send an auto-delivery receipt email to the sender when you finish shipping the order. Order Tagging


Q. How can I change the tag that's added to orders by this app?

You can remove Beneticon prefixed tag as other usual tags in Admin > Orders page, but once you remove Beneticon tag from order, that order won’t be tracked by the app and you won’t be able to track the status. If you did that by accident, you can manually add the Beneticon tag back with the same tag name.


Q. How does order tagging in Send Gift By Email now work?

Here's how to order tagging in Send Gift By Email works: Customer completes checkout of order with Send Gift By Email. Shopify notifies the app of the new order. The app scans the items in the order. If the order contains a gift product then it adds the "beneticon-xxx" tag to it. Please note that this tagging process occurs after the order is created. It can sometimes be several minutes after completion of checkout before the app is able to add the tag to the order.


Q. My orders by this app aren't getting tagged.

If that happens even after you enabled the app, that could be a system issue. Please contact with details including your shop website URL, Shopify order number, and order date.




Q. The initial onboarding section doesn’t disappear even though I finished all steps.

Due to the system delay, sometimes the onboarding section takes a few seconds to disappear.

As long as you enable the app in the Settings tab, you can keep using the full function without any restrictions. If you keep seeing the issue, please contact



Uninstalling & Cancelling


Q. What if I cancel/delete or disable the app while I have pending orders by Send Gift By Email? Will the order be cancelled?

No. current order remains as active and the system will send an email to gift recipients even after disabling, and the billing will occur in the next billing cycle. But any new order will not be made by the app anymore.